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Tracfone BYOP Information Page – Learn about Bringing your own phone to TracFone and see what the phone requirements are (and a list of compatible phones!).
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About TracFone – What is TracFone?

TracFone is a low cost prepaid cell phone and service provider. They provide both inexpensive cell phones, and phone service across America.

TracFone is a subsidiary of American Movil, the largest telecommunications company in Mexico. American Movil also owns Net10, StraightTalk, and others.

TracFone Wireless has only non-contract prepaid service options. You can choose from a variety of

About TracFone Cellular Service:

TracFone contracts with other major wireless cell phone carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T  and T-Mobile to provide service  As a result, TracFone cell service is generally very good  and covers most of America.

TracFone uses both CDMA and GSM networks and they offer cell phones for each. Most Tracfone devices have great roaming ability, except for their CDMA Android phones which only use Verizon 3G.

Because TracFone uses major carrier cell towers, service is generally very good.

About TracFone Cell Phones:

TracFone provides low cost cell phones along with their prepaid service. However, most TracFone devices are locked to TracFone service, and SIM cards for TracFone don’t work on non-TracFone devices.

However, in 2013, TracFone began accepting certain non-locked smartphones to their ‘Bring Your Own Phone’ program. Currently TracFone is accepting onlycertain  3G Smartphones that use Verizon CDMA Networks. For more about this, including which phones they are accepting, visit our TracFone BYOP page (coming soon).

In 2013 TracFone Also released several Android smartphones for use with their prepaid service. They are slowly continuing to add more smartphones to their phone options.

Monthly Cost Estimate:

TracFone offers many different options depending on how many minutes you think you might need. Their phone cards range from 60 minutes, to 1500 (if you purchase online). All minutes rollover as long as you still have service days. Most prepaid TracFone minute cards add 90 additional days of service along with minutes, while some will add one year of additional service.

TracFone also has monthly non-contract plans, as mentioned above, for 50, 125, and 200 minutes. You get the minutes plus 30 days of service added automatically every month.

At the low end, TracFone could cost you less than $10 a month for a small number of minutes and service.

Where to Buy:

TracFone cell phones and minutes are available in many retail stores, and onine both at TracFone’s website, and on Amazon, eBay and others.

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